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Marketing wizards of the world are always looking for new and exciting ways to get their cbd infused vegan vodka coffee protein drinks in front of the masses, and stickers on 6th St. bathroom mirrors just don’t seem to last in those conditions. It’s usually dark in there and the weird guy that always has a sharpie is going to write something like “Karl Marx rules” on it anyway. The marketing team at Float On Boat Rentals has a solution for your next big hit: experiential branding partnerships!

So you’ve hit your instagram budget and can’t find any events to get your product in people hands. Let Float On help show off your product through a partnership with us! A great reputation, brand recognition, and endless content opportunities are just a few of the perks you’ll get with working with us to build your brand in Austin, Texas. We operate the best boat rental company in the best city in the best state in the world, so branding with the best boat rental operation on earth is what we’re talking about here.

Experiential Branding

Last year we partnered with Bumble to do a lake takeover which resulted in thousands of experiences with their target audience. We outfitted every boat with massive attention grabbing flags and swag including hats, fans, koozies, shirts, towels and more. We then leveraged our social media following and enticed our captains to encourage tagged social posts to our page and Bumble‘s. The results were thousands of consumers interacting with the brand on a 4-plus hour experience with our captains helping to influence social engagement. Not to mention the entire lake and Devil’s Cove as an audience!

Picture this: your brand is a part of a group of your target audience’s best experience of their life to-date for 4 or more hours, with high rates of social engagement to document the experience. The large majority of our clientele on weekends is bachelorette and bachelor parties celebrating harder than they ever have for their big send off.

Marketing to the Masses through Sponsorship

Float On Boat Rentals handles a traffic count of 800 people per weekend between Friday and Sunday, and into the thousands on holiday weekends. We have sponsorship opportunities to supply our boats, common areas, and employees with product and branded material to reach your target audience. Our friends at Tidal Wines are sponsoring our Wine Wednesdays Lake Austin Cruises with their refreshing canned wine for 2021. In the past we’ve been sponsored by Easy Tiger, Via 313, and Austin Eastciders. Contact us for more info on sponsorship opportunities.

Content Creation Venue

We’ve worked with numerous brands in the past as a content creation venue. We’re talking a luxury vessel with a trained captain to get the best product experiences caught on camera. Allow us to do the work for you or come out and bring your crew and product to the lake for those sparkling shots to make your brand shine!

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