It’s Okay to Boat During Covid-19

Months upon months of 2020 have been spent holed up inside the house, watching show after show on Netflix, hoping and praying that the lockdown would soon be over. In the fourth month of coronavirus regulations, staying inside when the weather is this nice feels like a crime. There are rules to stay safe, but there are still ways to have fun. We have the perfect social distancing activity for you: boating

Credit: @amandakwaltman

Boating is the best activity to do with your quarantine friends and family during the pandemic. It’s easy to social distance on boats. People can stay six feet apart and still feel safe among each other. Families who live in the same household can rent a boat freely without these rules. There is no danger of interacting with strangers because you’re on your own boat. 

The water misses you, and so does Float On. We have implemented rules to help people stay safe. We limit the number people allowed aboard, we sanitize the boats after each use, and we make sure other boats aren’t close to each other at marinas. Our captains wear face masks and we offer contactless checkout. This is the safest activity during Covid out there. 

Though we have our own rules and regulations, boating is made especially safe by the people renting the boats. Take care of yourself by wearing a mask in space with people outside of your immediate household, and use the provided sanitizer aboard the boat. This will help you feel extra safe while out on the water. 

Summer is passing us by. It’s time to make the most of this weather and spend some time outside. You’ll be happy to get out of the house and enjoy all that the summer months have to offer. Coronavirus is scary in grocery stores, bars, restaurants, and movie theaters. Take solace– and make the most of the fact– that you are safe on a boat! 

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