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Gone are the days of wake boarding and water skiing, it’s 2022 and Wake Surfing is where it’s at. It looks so easy when you watch someone from a distance, yet seems so hard for you, an average person, to ever get to that level, right? Wrong. 

I’ve always loved being on the water and have dabbled in water sports a bit over the years, but when you’re a beginner, it’s hard not to feel like a burden to the rest of the group when you are constantly falling and forcing the boat to turn around and grab you. When someone explained to me that Wake Surfing was actually pretty easy to learn, I thought, “We’ll see about that.”

We decided to rent a boat with Float On Boat Rentals because they advertised lessons with the rental. I got a group together who had little to no experience. The boat is advertised as one of the nicest on the lake and boy was it. As someone who doesn’t know that much about boats, I can tell you this one is brand new and so incredibly nice and clean. The captains told us it was a top of the line Malibu and great for surfing. We received some instruction from the captains and I volunteered to (make a fool of myself) go first.  To my surprise I got up on the first time and actually rode behind the wave a bit. I had no idea what to do next so that was pretty much the extent of my surfing experience, but I was so happy to have accomplished that. The next few times I went, the captains shouted instructions with a megaphone so I could hear them on the water and follow through. I loved that because there are a lot of things to think about and you forget so easily when you are in the moment, so having them remind you was great. Every single person in our group was able to get up and ride the wave multiple times! 

To become like the people I see out there riding like professionals it is going to take a couple of more lessons, but I can’t wait to book again and take the next steps in the learning process. It was so fun cheering on our group as we collectively learned a new skill and the captain’s made us feel right at home, the boat wasn’t too shabby either. We had a girls night, but next time I want to take my daughter and some of her friends, it’s really an adventure for all abilities and ages and Float On is the place to book!

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