Lake Day Drinks

A lake day is not complete without a refreshing drink! Imagine kicking back on a boat with a drink in hand while one of our experienced captains handles all the driving, navigating, and dirty work that comes with a lake day. The hardest thing you’ll have to do is pick your drink of choice for the trip. Luckily for you, we’ve curated some of our favorite alcoholic drinks for lake days.

NUTRL Seltzers-

Okay okay, we all know seltzers are all the rage nowadays, but trust us, NUTRL is the best of the best! No malt liquor bs, NUTRL is just vodka, seltzer, and real juice. Refreshingly simple, tasty, and uncomplicated. NUTRL is also gluten-free with natural flavors, no added sugar, and just 100 calories! It’s available in both fruit variety and lemonade flavors and the best part is, our waiting area at Hurst Harbor is stocked with NUTRL for you to try for free! 

Watertight Cocktails-

Watertight does it right! This cocktail in a can is 6% alcohol, with zero artificial flavoring, zero preservatives, zero additives, and most importantly, it’s super tasty! Want to try them out for free? Hop on one of our Thursday Night Austin 365 Sippin Sunset Tours! Enjoy the best view of the sunset you’ll get in Austin with a Austin-based drink in hand! 

Mixed drinks-

If you want to go an extra step instead of just cracking a can and saying bottoms up, here are some of our favorite super simple mixed drinks that are easy and quick to make while out on the boat:

Rosè Spritzer: 

Rosè lovers this is for you. Make your classic glass of Rosè just a little more refreshing for a lake day by topping off your glass with 25% soda water (just eyeball it). This bubbly drink is perfect for a hot Texas day. 

Gin fizz:

Make a simple gin fizz with just 2 shots of gin topped off with a lemon-flavored sparkling water. It may not be fancy or your classic gin fizz with simple syrup and egg white, but it does the job without the hassle! 

Pineapple breeze:

This tropical drink is the perfect refreshing option for a hot summer day. Just fill your cup with 1.5 shots of Malibu rum, a splash of pineapple juice, top with sprite, and enjoy!

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