Kids Birthday Boat Party

For the past 3 years, multiple members of our family have celebrated our birthdays on a party boat on Lake Austin or Lake Travis with Float On Boat Rentals, and it’s been awesome!

My daughter who was turning 7 when this tradition began wanted to go on the boat for her birthday with friends. Our first 2 years were on Lake Austin with a captain to drive us and her friends around the lake. Her birthday party boat was such a success she’s done in every year since.

On Lake Austin we started under the iconic 360 bridge, got many photos and made our way towards little venice. The kids loved seeing the pretty houses and unique waterways not known to many who cruise the lake. We stopped in a secluded cove and the kids played on the lilypad for hours.

When we switched to Lake Travis this year for a different view, the kids spent much of the time jumping off the boat and looking for fish they could catch. With the large Yeti cooler provided on board we were able to bring dinner and drinks while jamming out to kidzbop with the great sound system provided on board. The captain was an amazing addition to this party boat. Thanks to the captain, we didn’t have to worry about anchoring or navigating and when you have 10 girls to keep an eye on, it was such a relief to have an extra set of eyes on board.

My daughters party boat was such a success I decided to have my own birthday on the water with a fall brunch boat. For this excursion we headed towards Emma Long Metropolitan Park where across the way there’s a secret beach. We parked there and waded in the cool water spotting cows nearby! We didn’t swim for my birthday but had an amazing time cruising the lake, having brunch with friends and being on the party boat for a few hours. I highly recommend it all year around! It’s a great intimate way to celebrate any occasion with family and friends! Party boat for the win!

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