Goodbye hydrilla

According to a 2013 TPW survey, the hydrilla in Lake Austin is now under control.

Apparently, not every boater in Austin despised this mysterious lake plant.

“Bait fish held in there reproduce. In turn the big fish come, so we always like to fish it. Last year you could see the bottom in 15 feet of water. This year you can’t see the bottom in 15 inches,” Edwards said.

Since 2011, TPW has been increasing the number of grass carp introduced to the lake, bringing to grand total to about 30,000! The grass carp don’t eat milfoil, aquatic vegetation and scientists claim we should see improvements in the clarity of the lake.

This image shows how much of Lake Austin was effected by hydrilla in 2013.

If you are not familiar with hydrilla, it is a dense plant that can grow as thick as a bale of hay. Propellors stand little chance of chopping through this plant and often leads to over heating of motors, and ultimately getting stuck out on the lake!

In 2013, Float On prohibited renters from taking our boats past Emma Long Park, because that is where the hydryilla was at it’s worst. We’ll see how 2014 plays out, hopefully it increases the amount of lake that our renters can enjoy!!

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