The Summer BBQ Guide

In Austin, Summer and barbecue go hand-in-hand. And there’s no shortage of places to sample some of the best smoked meat you’ve ever had in your life. In fact, choosing where to find the best Texas BBQ can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve broken it down for you. Whether you’re team brisket or team sausage, you’ll find your favorite on this list… 

Classic Cuts 

– Franklin Barbecue 

– Set your alarm, meat heads! If you’re jonesing for that famous Franklin fix, you need to get in line early…I mean like bring your coffee early. The line is part of the experience, though! Grab your friends, fill up a cooler of beer and post up! You’ll make friends in line and enjoy the most famous barbecue Austin has to offer. 

– Terry Black’s BBQ 

Well, this used to be a better kept secret despite it’s killer location by Barton Springs, but honey the secret is out. If you want Terry Black’s get in line early. But while you wait, you’ll love taking a walk around back to check out their smoking operation. This family recipe has been passed down for generations spawning from the barbecue capital of Texas. There’s also a Terry Black’s in Dallas…but…we’re partial to the original.

– La Barbecue 

When it’s gone it’s gone! This woman-owned spot pulls from a German influence when it comes to both their rubs and their sides. La Barbecue is nestled on the east side of Austin and surrounded by a couple good breweries if you’re thirsty. While brisket is king in Texas, La Barbecue boasts some incredible smoked turkey that flies off the slab just as quickly. 

– Rudy’s “Country Store” Bar-B-Q 

Rudy’s is the old standby, guys. It’s closer to the lake, consistent, inexpensive and the bathrooms are clean. Consider Rudy’s if you need a quick ‘cue pit-stop on your way to the marina. Grab it to-go with a couple of their famous breakfast tacos and eat on the boat! 

New On the Chopping Block

– Distant Relatives 

Distant Relatives is new on the Austin BBQ scene…and that means a couple things. First, you won’t have the line that you might at Franklin or Terry Black’s. And you’ll have a better shot of your favorite cut of meat before it sells out. Hit up this spot in Austin’s historic east side for a taste of both Texas barbecue and the flavors of West Africa. If you’re into sustainability and learning about no-waste cooking methods and unique flavor profiles, this is your spot. 

Outside City Limits 

While the Austin barbecue scene is nothing to scoff at…there’s a little-known town just a short drive east…it’s called Lockhart. We know those spots, too…but we only give away those secrets on the boat. So, you ready to get greasy?

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